Walking With The Mother Lariat Necklace

I'm an animist at heart, seeing everything as living beings. Some days as I walk though my neighborhood, I'm sure the trees sway and rustle their leaves to greet me. Each day I pass by a wall of large ancient boulders with bits of moss growing on their faces like beards. I swear they watch me as I stroll past them. I admire their immovable strength and silence. And some nights I take a moment to go outside and listen to the sounds of all the creatures, big and small. It is then that I look up to the sky in awe and watch the stars dance and sparkle like a million diamonds. Is anyone else out there?

I feel a responsibility to not only see and acknowledge these sentient beings, but to honor them in what ever way I can. Most of the time that is with a greeting, a small offering, or even time spent tidying up their "home". But my favorite is when the honoring comes from deep within my heart like a sacred prayer and inspires my art.

• A gifted gray druzy agate sparkles like the evening sky, a shell given to me by the ocean after a beach clean up, and a chunky 14mm golden rutile quartz cut by a small but talented lapidary artist just west of me. A lovely 8mm Herkimer diamond swings and sparkles like a beacon for all to see. 
Eco-friendly recycled 14k gold, sterling  and fine silver. Oxidized and hand waxed finished. 
• Pendant portion measures approximate 2.5" wide. Adjustable 17" to 20" sterling medium weight chain with handmade heavy duty slide closure. 
• One of a kind & ready to ship!

Ships within 1 - 2 business days!

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