Whether you are curious about using Essential Oils to support your health or to inspire your creative journey, I would like to personally invite you to try doTERRA oils. Simply put, they are one the most effective and pure essential oils I have ever used. 

I began exploring essential oils almost 25 years ago. At that time I didn't know what to look for in an oil and honestly I was more interested in the scent of the oil rather than its efficacy or therapeutic benefit. However, I did know that I craved certain scents to uplift or ground me. Several years ago I began having rather sever joint pain. After numerous tests and doctors, I landed in the small office of two amazing nurse practitioners. I learned that my debilitating joint pain was due to inflammation resulting from an imbalance in my digestive system. Armed with this knowledge, I began to explore a holistic approach to shift my body into to a state of health. From food, to skin care, to cleaning products and beyond, I had to become fully aware of what was affecting my health. I began seeking out the highest quality products that fell in line with my commitment to a sustainable future and companies that had an altruistic vision at their core. As I learned about doTERRA Oils, I found myself falling in love with doTERRA as a company. In our home, doTERRA Essential Oils provide us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products, and to my delight I found that my creativity has blossomed as well. If you would like to learn more about doTERRA as a company please visit this link.

I believe that doTERRA Oils should be in everyone's home. If you're ready to explore a more holistic approach to your wellness or perhaps even water your creative garden, then I hands down recommend doTERRA. These oils have become a beautiful part of my daily routine. 

You may use this link to purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing. I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate because I truly love and believe in these oils and you always have the option to become a Wellness Advocate as well. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me