Blue Tourmaline & Aquamarine Crystal Stud Earrings in 14k Gold Fill

• A baby blue rough blue tourmaline nugget and watery aquamarine crystal make for a beautiful pairing
• 14k gold fill
• The blue tourmaline is 1/2" and the aquamarine is 5/8" in length. 
• One of a kind and ready to ship!

Ships within 1 - 2 business days!

Wisdom from a Taoist Stone Medicine perspective...

Blue tourmaline and aquamarine both stones have a very strong relationship with water. Those who spend time around a body of water know that this element is deeply soothing and encourages us to flow rather than resist. It reminds us of the depth and layers of our being that flow together like a vast ocean. 

In general, tourmaline can assist us in tolerating negativity we encounter in the world. This includes negativity in our relationships and environmental pollutants. Blue tourmaline specifically relaxes the need to pursue external knowledge and brings more attention to the desire to understand what lies within. It is seen as one of the best stones to enhance chakra balancing. When worn it can help us feel protected and secure. 

Aquamarine’s Chinese name, hai lan bao shi , literally translates to mean “sea color precious stone”. It has a variety of helpful physically qualities for women including fluid regulation and balancing of hormones especially during menopause. Emotionally, aquamarine calms the brain, promotes greater clarity when dealing with challenging issues, helps us know our inner calling, imparts courage, and strengthens the throat chakra. 



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