Faith & Superstition Earrings

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I feel blessed that I have married into a Greek family, though sometimes the loudness of a voice when in a passionate conversation can be a lot for someone like me. My husband has a shirt that he loves to wear around me that says “I’m not yelling. I’m Greek.” But the culture still pulls me in. In Greece you will see shops selling everything evil eye next to a church which is at the heart of the culture. A marriage of superstition and faith, though the superstition is often denied. The churches are beautiful. Old, full of dangling things, icons, and layers of smoke dulling the colorful walls. The smell of incense lingers and it feels quite mystical and heady.

• Handmade Murano Glass evil eyes by a Turkish artisan and 10 pale sky blue topaz
• Recycled sterling silver & fine silver. Approximately 2 5/8" in length and come with a larger comfort clutch back for secure placement. 
• One of a kind and ready to ship!

Ships within 1 - 2 business days!

My work is a practice. Fabricating a piece of jewelry from raw metal takes time. Like reciting a sacred prayer, I’m in the present moment when I’m building a piece. Using ancient metalsmithing techniques, I slowly and intentionally form the hard metal into something beautiful and unique. I listen for each stone to speak to me, and they always do. Each element is lovingly held in my fingers until the finished piece is birthed. It’s truly a sacred dance.  Every piece of Christine Mighion jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Northern Indiana studio using the highest qualities materials and attention to detail.