Good Medicine Necklace

Most days I don't fuss much over myself. That's not to say that I don't care about or for myself. I do. But like many woman, my days are filled with the "must do's" and time for me is fleeting. I'm a wife, a mother to my two legged and four legged children, a business owner, a reluctant domestic goddess, and most recently a caregiver and companion to an aging family member who now lives with us. It's a lot, and it's not always pretty. Sometimes I really need something for me. Like I could scream and run away really need. The reality is that like so many women, I'm needed. And it's during these moments when I feel my world is filled with the needs of others, that I feel my soul. The strong, beautiful, creative, wild woman who is begging to be seen. The woman who can't be caged. The woman who is calmed by the waves and feels alive when breathing in the richness of the earth.

For the moment, my creativity tends to my emotional wounds. I've learned to walk into my studio without an agenda. I may have an idea of what I want to work on, but I allow my deeper self to guide me. When I'm really open, I find that my soul speaks to me through my work and hopefully will catch the eye of another in need of similar message.

The fossilized shark tooth represents the sometimes forgotten strength we have as women. Fierce, instinctual, wild. The cast succulent grounds us to our Mother and reminds us to tend to our inner garden. The cross with diamond is representative of our deep connection to spirit, to God, to something bigger holding our hand and guiding us. It is the fire and spark of life in all of us. Let it be your medicine.

d e t a i l s
• A colorful fossilized shark tooth has been wrapped in fine silver and paired with a beautiful cast sterling silver natural succulent
• An imperfectly perfect cross sparkles with a 1.3mm conflict free champagne diamond
• Pendant measures approximately 2" long.
• 18" sterling silver link chain with lobster clasp closure.
• Oxidized finish.
• One of a kind & ready to ship!

Ships within 1 - 2 business days!

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