More Beautiful Than You Know

Reaching for just a bit of light, the new growth on the forest floor turn their leafy heads upward. Many of these plants are small. I guess you could even say they're hardly noticeable, perhaps insignificant unless of course you are a small insect finding shelter under its canopy during a spring storm.

These days I feel more inclined to slow down as I make my way up to the studio. I'm still amazed how quickly the forest comes back to life after winter. Spring feels like a long awaited and joyous event, and I'm equally bursting with creativity. As I head up, I'm often either looking for spiderwebs that may cross my path or frantically wiping off the spiderweb that just did. But lately, my gaze has been focused intently on the forest floor. A friend promised me I would surely find wild mushrooms, but I haven't yet. However, I did find a little patch of greenery that I hadn't noticed before. Their leaves are gorgeous and I feel like they're screaming "Look at me! I'm more beautiful than you know!". I plucked a few eager to immortalize their beauty in silver.

As an artist, I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts. As I placed the leaves out to dry I began to think of how often I've heard a similar sentiment from many women I have met over the years. Strong, resilient, deeply caring women who have placed their hopes and dreams on the back shelve, far away from the sunlight. Women who will lift you up and cheer you on, yet quietly yearn for something more for themselves. Women with colorful inner lives that give shelter to bold and passionate spirits. Wild on the inside, domesticated on the outside. Admittedly, I know this woman well.

So these earrings are for you my dear. Show them your amazing beautiful self! Wear your dreams on your sleeve and bask in the full sun of who you really are! I know you, and you are far more beautiful than you allow the world to know.

d e t a i l s
• Fresh picked leaves from the forest floor have been perfectly pressed into recycled sterling silver. Oxidized to bring out the detail and beautiful imperfections. An indigo kyanite hangs like a small drop of fresh water off of one of the leaves, while a colorful cascade of multi-colored sapphires dance as you strut your magic!
• Handmade fine silver ear hooks
• Approximately 4 1/4" long and 1 3/8" wide
• One of a kind and ready to ship!

Ships within 1 - 2 business days!

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