Road Less Traveled Necklace

When you come to the fork in the trail which way will you head? The path ahead and slightly to the left is clear and well maintained. You know you will reach your preplanned destination safely. The path off to the right is somewhat overgrown and narrow, but you know others have traveled this way before. Will it lead you off course or will you find a beautiful waterfall or vista? Perhaps you camped out at the fork for a while unsure of what to do. Or did you sprint off to the right without much thought feeling the excitement of exploration? Perhaps you glanced at your map and verified that keeping the course and moving ahead was the more practical way to go.

I'd like to be able to tell my children that I sprinted down the path on the right most of the time. For the most part this was true when I was younger. Sometimes what I found was amazing, and yet other times I ran into long stretches of thorny vines that pierced my skin for longer than one person should have to endure. However, I never regretted taking the road less traveled and this is what I will tell my children.

d e t a i l s
• A beautiful 33mm x 21mm Coyamito agate has been paired with a lovely denim blue rose cut sapphire, African trade bead, Tundra sapphire bead dangles, and a soulful square cross illuminated with a 2.1mm mocha diamond.
• Adjustable 18" sterling silver chain with handmade closure in the front
• Lightly oxidized finish

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