Rooted Earrings

I'm what many people call a "sensitive soul". Feelings were the first language I became fluent in and I'm quite comfortable with verbal silence. My feelings are clearly understandable to me, but often I can't form the right words to explain what my soul is expressing. Many artists have a verbal story they long to tell through their art. Similarly, I have a feeling that needs to be told. I'm gradually learning to step out of my mind and allow the pieces to unfold organically guided by something I can't name. It's a continual practice and I'm trying to sink deep into my soul and allow strong roots to grab ahold so this process becomes second nature.

Right now summer is in full swing here. My herbs and veggies are producing and I'm beginning to bundle sage and lavender. Like the feelings I'm so sensitive to, these bountiful plants grow naturally with little tending on my part. I give them good organic soil and a small protected sunny spot away from the many furry creatures that roam nearby. I water them during the dry times and remove what doesn't belong. As they grow bigger, their roots reach deeper providing a strong foundation and life line to the nutrient rich soil.

d e t a i l s
• Mismatched, but complimentary peach and lavender spinel nuggets swing with sage leaves and bits of nature adorning cast twig hoops.
• Approximately 3 1/2" long and 1 1/8" wide.
• Sterling silver; oxidized to bring out every detail.
• One of a kind and ready to ship!

This item ships within 1 - 2 days!

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