Lure 04

What began as playful studio practice morphed into an examination of attraction and the self. I began to wonder why I tended to be attracted to specific colors, places, scents, and combinations of materials and textures. What does each element that we are drawn to say about our individual desires? Why does one person experience something as painfully beautiful while perhaps another who shares that same experience feel quite differently? Why do we feel more attractive when we wear a specific color, scent, or accessory? Is this adornment for us or for others, or both?

Playing on the idea of the simple fishing lure and these questions, I've created an on-going and evolving body of charmed objects to wear, give, or simply hang and enjoy.

• Amethyst crystal 
• Shell fragment from Hawaii with embroidery thread
• Brass, spray painted, distressed, waxed
• Approximately 3.5” long
• One of a kind and ready to ship!

Ships within 1-2 business days!

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