Whisper Ring

Creativity is an exciting and curious process for me. Sometimes frustrating and usually quite obsessive. For a while I felt as if I would never know what "my thing" would be. Consistency might define me personally, but as an artist I become bored quite easily. Did someone yell "squirrel"? Recently I've stopped worrying about it and frankly it feels really good. Correction, damn good. Most days now I head to my studio without a plan and see what catches my eye. My bench is a living breathing mess. Some days it swallows stones and tools whole, but as I move the bits and pieces about the magic of the muse happens. First a whisper, then a tug. Adding and subtracting, each piece comes together organically. The more I step aside and allow the muse to work, the more I'm satisfied with what is birthed. I'm deeply grateful for her whispers. Quiet yourself, then just listen and I know you'll hear the whispers that are meant only for you.

• A beautiful bi-color larimar has been cradled in fine silver and sits among cast and hand constructed bits of nature.
• Conflict free 1.3mm VS white diamond sparkles in the center of a rustic cross
• Oxidized then highlighted to bring out every detail
• Size 7.5, but fits like a size 6.5 - 6.75 due to the band width (12mm)
• One of a kind and ready to ship!

Ships within 1 - 2 business days!

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