Happy Buddha Carved Pearl Charm in 14k Gold - Limited Edition

$ 140.00

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• 11mm hand carved pearl Happy Buddha
• Recycled 14k gold
• Charm is approximately  3/4" long and will easily slide on your chain or choose one of mine. Please note that each pearl can be slightly different in color ranging from cream to silvery pink. 
• Limited edition and made to order! 

Currently waiting for more pearls to arrive. Will ship within 2 - 3 weeks!

My work is a practice. Fabricating a piece of jewelry from raw metal takes time. Like reciting a sacred prayer, I’m in the present moment when I’m building a piece. Using ancient metalsmithing techniques, I slowly and intentionally form the hard metal into something beautiful and unique. I listen for each stone to speak to me, and they always do. Each element is lovingly held in my fingers until the finished piece is birthed. It’s truly a sacred dance.  Every piece of Christine Mighion jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Northern Indiana studio using the highest qualities materials and attention to detail.