jewelry care

Caring for your jewelry…

Moisture in the air naturally causes oxidization to most common metals. To prolong the original look of your jewelry, storing your piece of jewelry in a sealed plastic container or baggie will keep silver pieces with a natural finish from oxidizing over time and will also keep the gold in mixed metal pieces from oxidizing. Although high karat gold such as 24k and 22k doesn’t noticeably oxidized, lower karat gold can but at a much slower rate due to the additional alloys that are mixed in to create a stronger gold. When 14k is in close proximity to oxidized silver, it will naturally deepen in color more rapidly taking on a brass like appearance. 

If your piece contains a significant amount of gold you will receive a small polishing cloth enclosed with your piece. Simply rub the polishing cloth on the gold only and then rinse with soapy water to remove the residue left from the polishing compound on the cloth. 

My favorite way to brighten mixed metal, natural silver, and gold pieces is to create a paste of backing soda and water, then gently rub this mixture all over the piece with your fingers. Rinse clean with water and pat dry.  

Each piece of jewelry that receives a dark, oxidized patina is protected with a museum quality restorative wax. This allows for depth and shine while creating a light barrier from skin oils and other chemicals that will cause the patina to lighten more rapidly. However, even with this protective wax, you can expect that your piece of jewelry will brighten over time with wear. The darkness will hold in small crevices and areas having tool marks. Rings and necklaces that touch the skin for prolonged periods are more prone to lightening than earrings. Over time your piece will develop it’s own personality and unique patina that I hope you fall in love with. Should you ever wish to darken your piece and bring it back to its original patina, I’m happy to do this for you at no charge other than shipping or provide you with a patina kit and instructions for a nominal fee.