Our Values


With the soul of an artist and a long standing desire to set her work apart from the mass produced jewelry market, Christine has remained committed to personally handcrafting each piece of her jewelry using traditional time-honored techniques. 

"We have been conditioned to buy unconsciously. Whether it's the food we eat or the clothing we buy, we often never question where that bag of coffee came from or who made our favorite pair of jeans. Sadly, it is often produced by someone in another country working in horrible conditions and barely making enough money to survive. It's my mission to provide you with a high quality, environmentally sensitive, and fashionable piece of jewelry that fights that model, and in a small way helps our world."


"I've always been inspired by and felt most content when I'm in nature. While living in Hawaii, I saw how committed the people were to preserving their beautiful island and the surrounding sea. They didn't even have to think about doing it. It was as if they were caring for a loved one or their child. I've tried my best to carry that value deep in my soul and into my work."

One hundred percent of our raw metal is recycled. As the vast majority of our work consists of raw metal that we transform by hand, this means that the vast majority of our finished jewelry, including earwires and clasps, is made from this recycled metal. Our chain are partially recycled and we look forward to increasing the percentage of recycled content as manufacturers increase availability. From our metal and fabrication process to our recycled packaging, we are committed to reducing our footprint. 

We have been fortunate to build wonderful relationships with many of stone dealers. These providers hold the same commitment to the environment as we do and care how the raw materials were mined. Christine cuts many of her own stones from raw materials that were collected by individual rock hounds in business for themselves. All of our diamonds our certified conflict-free in compliance with the Kimberley Process. We also upcycle stones, purchase vintage and heirloom diamonds and other precious stones. 

Through responsible purchasing of raw materials and gemstones we avoid both the social and environmental issues typically found in the mining of metals and importing of precious gems.


As an avid scuba diver, and one who holds a deep love and reverence for the natural world, Christine supports several charitable environmental organizations by donating a portion of her profits from every sale on her website. These organizations hold the same values and beliefs that are so important to Christine: caring for the needs of our marine environment, conservation of our natural resources, and programs that empower and educate others on the natural world.

Thank you for supporting our work and choosing consciously!