Intention Talisman Necklace or Charm with 14k Gold

$ 195.00

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I've been thinking about this piece for a while now. Something quietly meaningful to the wearer and full of manifestation magic. Something more than a symbol.

It begin with your intention... the one you give to me. As I recite your intention like a prayer in my head, I melt down some scrap to create a silver ingot then roll it quite thin. This takes time. I hammer your intention one letter at a time into the silver, roll it up and seal the "scroll" with a pinch of silver dust and gold solder. The piece is then given a rich patina and hand waxed to seal and protect the depth of color. And finally, with a gentle breath I blow onto the piece and your intention comes to life.

• Each talisman will be unique due to the forging process, but very similar.
• 14k gold and oxidized sterling. Charm is just a bit over 1" long in total.
• Available as a charm alone or either an 18" oxidized 1.3mm sterling silver or 1.1mm 14k gold rolo chain.
• Made to order! Please note your intention at check out. 

Ships within 7 - 10 business days!

My work is a practice. Fabricating a piece of jewelry from raw metal takes time. Like reciting a sacred prayer, I’m in the present moment when I’m building a piece. Using ancient metalsmithing techniques, I slowly and intentionally form the hard metal into something beautiful and unique. I listen for each stone to speak to me, and they always do. Each element is lovingly held in my fingers until the finished piece is birthed. It’s truly a sacred dance.  Every piece of Christine Mighion jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Northern Indiana studio using the highest qualities materials and attention to detail.