Tangled Roman Glass Necklace with 14k - Made to Order in Olive Green

$ 200.00

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Throughout the body and evolution of my work I have consistently felt compelled to challenge the idea of perfection and draw attention to the beauty and soul of objects that are general considered less valuable. While I can easily see the beauty in the people and things I encounter each day, I often struggle to look at myself with loving eyes, especially as I age. We are truly hardest on ourselves.

The oxidized sterling silver chain is held forever tangled by a tiny drip of molten gold. My desire is for this small detail to serve as a reminder for you to look past conventional notions of beauty and perfection, and hold your uniquely beautiful glow close to your heart. We each are beautiful, sacred, and worthy.

The unique Roman glass bead is accompanied by a tiny Herkimer diamond meant to catch the light and remind you of the divine spark that resides in each of us.

Finally I’ve signed this piece with a single irregular dot rather than my name. This dot holds the intention that we are so much more than our outward identity. We are holy. We are sacred. We are eternal.

• A Roman glass bead measuring approximately 1" dangles from eco-friendly recycled 14k gold and is accompanied by a small Herkimer diamond.
• Oxidized 1.3mm sterling silver 20” chain with a secure lobster clasp.
• Made to order. Please note each piece of Roman glass is unique and will vary slightly in color, character, and size.

Made to order with love and intention. Ships within 7 - 10 business days!

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Northern Indiana studio using ancient techniques, the highest qualities materials, and attention to detail.