Allies and alchemy

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I have been learning a lot about plant allies as I study herbalism. In a nutshell, an ally is being that you partner with for healing, growth, transformation, and support when challenges arise. This may be on a physical, emotional, or even a more subtle metaphysical level. So how do you find an ally? Often they catch your eye and when you're in its presence it feels like an old friend. An ally naturally lifts your spirits. 

After letting this idea of an ally marinate inside me for a while I realized that certain stones make me feel the same way. Until very recently I couldn’t quite fully embrace the idea of stones possessing specific energetic qualities . Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than a wee bit woo woo, but I have to feel it to believe it and it has to pass through my trusty bullshit meter before I’m on board. However, I can’t deny the fact that certain stones provide me with a strong sense of comfort and joy. Colorful tourmalines are pure joy to me and one of my very favorites as you know. As individual as the soul itself, I always feel as if I’m sitting smack dab in the middle of a beautiful flower garden when I surrender to their colorful magic. Give me an aquamarine and I will wrap it in the sunny warmth of yellow gold every time. Metalsmithing is an alchemic process, bringing together different elements with fire and transforming them into something new. Combining an aquamarine with gold and perhaps a precious pearl, brings me to a state of beachy bliss when I admire the end result. 

Thinking about allies and the alchemy of my work in this new way feels big. Looking even deeper, I think we can see this in other ways we each create. From preparing a wonderful meal to creating a home that brings us healing and comfort, there is energetic and metaphorical alchemic process that we all create with. 


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I've been wanting to model a pair of my twisted earrings, but I recently had my ears pierced for a second time and we have a couple months of healing to go. Not interested in committing to a second piercing? No problem! This is what these earrings were made for! My new twisted ear wire simply threads through a single piercing, but gives the illusion of wearing a small hoop in an additional piercing. The end rests comfortably against the earlobe and this fashion forward design insures that you won't accidentally lose an earring. 

This pair of Twisted La Calavera Catrina & Scapolite Earrings are my newest favorite! 

Color therapy...

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I've been reluctantly leaning into the shorter days and trying to find ways to nurture my soul. Scents, color, beautiful imagery, books, enchanting lighting, fluffy blankets, movement, and music seem to be my go to's right now.

I found this picture after I created my latest La Calavera Catrina Earring. When I saw it I immediately wanted to just crawl into this image and cover myself with the blooms. Then I realized how similar the colors were to what I had chosen for the flowers on my earring. I often use the hashtag #colortherapy in my IG posts and like most people I'm really drawn to certain colors, but I'm really starting to understand how powerful color is for my happiness. Don't tell this to the gray sweater and black jeans I'm wearing right now! But truthfully, these colors scratch the nagging itch in my soul. They give me immediate satisfaction followed by a feeling of completeness. I want to linger in their presence and fill my world with them. Funny, it sounds like love. #colorcrush


little light catchers...

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Can there be anything better than little light catchers for your ears? I think not. These single La Calavera Catrina Earrings are my current obsession. I'm definitely going to be making more and some in silver as well. You can grab yours here!

working my way through the gray days of winter...

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This morning we have sun! Quite fitting for a Sun-day, don't you think? Sunny days and color make me so happy, so since it is early in the winter season I thought it might be nice to share what gives me a little boost when the days don't cooperate. A snip it here and there... a visual beauty break.

I'm so in love with the work of Lewis Miller Design, a floral artist and event designer. Lewis has created these wonderful "flower flashes", giving a second life to flowers while beautifying ordinary spaces. I don't know about you, but I would probably linger at this intersection a little longer. 

I'm always obsessed with color and composition in my own work and my newest La Calavera Catrina Earrings pay homage to beauty and impermanence. Mother Nature may not give me sun and flowers throughout the winter, but I can create my version of a sunny day.