Since 2004, Christine Mighion has been lovingly hand crafting each piece of jewelry in her Northern Indiana studio. Using gold, silver, semi-precious and precious stones, her line is a balanced vision of organic and modern. Imperfections and irregularities that mimic the course of nature greatly inspire Christine. Whether it's in the beauty of an unusual stone or the texture created while working a piece of metal, she hopes you will see this vision in each piece. “I have always been drawn to the unexpected beauty found only in nature. It may seem silly, but I still get excited when I look at something such as a flower. Each bloom, with every little petal, is unique and utterly beautiful!”

Christine has always been drawn to art and fashion, but was encouraged to pursue a more “practical” career by her family. Shortly after graduating from college, Christine moved to Hawaii on a whim and fell in love with the natural beauty that surrounded her. Several years later she returned to the Midwest and while searching for a creative outlet, she took a metalsmithing class at a local museum. Almost immediately Christine knew that she had found her true calling. Her love of fashion, combined with her relaxed and grounded nature, gave her the freedom to create pieces that were not only beautiful, but could be worn everyday. “I wanted to design jewelry that could be worn with my favorite old pair of jeans and a comfy tee, yet would be the perfect compliment to a more dressed up look.”

Today, Christine spends most of her time with her family in the Midwest, but retreats to her Maui home as often as she can. She continues to draw much of her inspiration from the natural world she loves so much.


As an avid scuba diver, and one who holds a deep love and reverence for the natural world, Christine supports several charitable environmental organizations by donating a portion of her profits from every sale on her website. These organizations hold the same values and beliefs that are so important to Christine: caring for the needs of our marine environment, conservation of our natural resources, and programs that empower and educate others on the natural world.